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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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where the homicide unit is being brought in, a man is found dead. janine de la vega is there with what police are saying and it appears the man may have been assaulted, janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: detectives are here at the shopping plaza here and the corner of snell and detectives have been focused on an area behind a jack in the box area and there are police cars around here and there is a crime investigation unit and they have been taking their pictures and using their flashlights for any sort of evidence. what we know is somebody passing by called 911 after spotting a man who was severely beaten in the 400 block of block and hill. police sources are telling me it appears this man was beaten
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with a machete and they have recovered one of the weapons and they don't know if there are more weapons that were used in this crime but when fire and paramedics arrived they ended up declaring this man dead. again homicide is on the scene and they are investigating at this point and they are having trouble getting any sort of surveillance video because a lot of these businesses are closed and there does not appear to be any witnesses around and they are also telling us at this point there is no suspects in custody so it is very early on in this investigation but it makes this the 16th homicide in san jose. we will up debt as we get anymore information. the brutal killing of a woman and a toddler and this morning one man is in custody. they captured rubin ramirez
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after an extensive manhunt shortly after 11:00 last night. he is being questioned about a 48-year-old woman yesterday afternoon. >> we are getting a statement hoping to piece together what happened. >> a three-year-old girl was injured in that stabbing and is now listed in stable condition. ramirez is related to all three victims and they all live together in the home where the killings took place. in the home another suspicious fire along the peninsular. claudine wong is live in san mateo with what investigators may be dealing with, claudine? we know fires in and around the area cross the city, this is the damage from the latest one, let me show what it looks like out here. there used to be three trash
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cans and it spread over to this car and there is not much left as well as we are talking to residents about what happened and the man who owns this car said his dog woke him up. >> a dog barked looked outside... >> what did you think? >> we were on fire. my first thought was arson because garbage cans were next to the car and it was an easy target. firefighters say it only took ten minutes to put it out but an arson investigator was called out and there are similar types of fires across the city and they are trying to figure out if they are connected and police are now on their way. >> police department is definitely taking some evidence from the hot house, they took some evidence trying to get
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some finger prince and -- fingerprints and this is a parody for them. >> back here live we are showing you damage to the car and they talked about the out house that was also set on fire and that's located on the street and the conditions went right for that fire and certainly they are concerned about the danger and possibility of what this person can be doing setting fires across the city. so an arson investigator spoke with me about the scene and said at this point they need more evidence. bursting into a home and using a taser has gone viral. >> a man took this video while
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officers were responding to reports of a domestic violence disturbance. the homeowner refused to open the door because they would not explain why they were there. police say this is an ongoing investigation. pleasanton police are accused of trying to take a woman's baby. police say one of the men pushed the went to the ground and took her purse while the other man grabbed her baby stroller. the woman told police the man and stroller were tipped and the men ran off. new this morning nato says two service members and four civilians have been killed in a suicide bombing. they have not confirmed the
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nationality of those killed but a group in kabul is claiming responsibility. >> police say at least 6 people are here in the hardest hits areas but they expect that to rise. police say they heard the sirens for search in tables and in their bathtubs. >> you can see the twister just there facing you. it is horrible. >> at least 100 people were hurt and buses have been helping with transporting injured people. it has been a month since the fertilizer plan in west
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texas exploded. they are trying to figure out what caused the blast. the explosion killed 10 first sponsors and leveled homes and the details should be released. san francisco police will layout their plans for security for this weekend's baiter -- beta breaker race ahead of the 102nd running of the race. security will be tighter than at the boston what or this bombings and there will be visible security as well. all runners must be registered and 30,000 people are expected to take part in
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the race. ocean beach shut down about a half hour from now. the beta breaker race shut down on beal streets and that's not the only one going on in san francisco. the final tour kicks off and we will have live coverage of both each vends -- events this weekend. i have done both. >> i was telling him, you have to do beta breakers at least once. good morning everybody, let's go out and take a look at what you have on the east shore freeway. no major problems we are looking at and right now there is not a lot going on. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks like one lane is closed off. i don't think it will stay that
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way very long am northbound getting to highway 17 this traffic is moving a long nicely. >> look at this, a cold front coming in and now it shows some returns and so far i have yet to bring any reports, you can always tweet me or e-mail me. >> it looks like this system is cloudy. it is a cloudy windy pattern and reports at fso more of a south wind and cloudy skies, light rain, i would think areas more to the north have just a cooler air mass and you can see there is plenty of air and really the low is up here and you can get a good signature on it right there, so we have a
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cold cloudy day temperatures continues to drop cloudy skies certainly looks cold at the coast temperatures are really taking a plunge and even low 70s for some. for most locations from santa rosa to san jose, and down to livermore, 68, cool and breezy and we will rebound on the weekend and it will get warmer on the weekend and there are signs next week. the game -- last night's game came off with all six and nobody getting them right and now the drawing will be the largest in history. they are now 36, 24, 31 and
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power number 2. those are my numbers. the search for lynch ends in heartbreak. >> i don't think anybody can prepare what this family is going through. and how she is being remembered and the investigation into her death. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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. 4:44 heartbreak for family and friends looking for mikaela lynch. her body was found in a lake near clear lake. well wishers have been dropping
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off flowers. well wishers had held out hope that they would find the autistic girl alive. >> she was just a beautiful child. >> investigators believe her death is accidental. they believe she wandered into the creek on mother's day. local church leaders plan to hold a prayer vigil to help the community heel. they are expecting to hold attribute for her. one of her teachers said mikaela lynch touched the school deeply. through her they enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. we will always remember our bug. two young boys are recovering and two teens are the ones who shot them. the victims are between 10 and 13 years old. it happened at 7:00 last night. the two teens started shooting
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at the group of boys. one was shot in the shoulder and the other in the foot. two others have been arrested and police say they all know each other but they don't know a motive. defense is attorneys are questioning the thoughts of the 12-year-old boy. no camera and evidence was offered. the judge said he could be behind bars 11 years and they are questioning whether the boy is old enough to aid his own defense. the boy could be back in two weeks. >> the navy canceled 60 performances because of federal budget cuts and now there is a campaign to raise the $50,000
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to -- 650,000 dollars to fly over and at last check they have raised 55,000 so far. the agency targeted conservative groups applying for exempt tax status. president barack obama called it a breach of trust and house speaker john boehner said somebody needs to go to jail and michelle bachman said the internal revenue service tried to up tim date them. there could be cuts to the food stamp program and they have cut 2. $5 billion from a farm's bill. democrats say any cuts increase the suffering for people who need help buying foods and this must still be worked out. police have arrested a man in connection with a mother's
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day parade that left three people injured. they arrested him last night and the shooting happened near the french quarter. the surveillance shows the gunman and the crowd scattering and three people were seriously hurt. you may not be able to trust the labels on your favorite foods. the real count can be several higher and every food they tested was off. >> we have three different meals that each of them had and they all had an extra 08 calories on them and that's an extra meal in itself. >> one had 380 calories but it
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is advertised as having 310 calories. kings fans cheered and the governors voted to prevent the kings from moving to seattle and it's believed they voted against the relocation as well. they plan to talk to the family about sell the team to a local investment group and that would keep the kings in seattle. 449 is the time. sal, how is traffic so far. >> good so far, let go out and take a look at some of these pictures no major problems and traffic also looks good approaching the bay bridge, one of the busiest commutes and actually it is doing very well. if you are driving on 280 and 85, they are all off to a good start, thank you steve.
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a little system is coming in, did not encounter historyel antigen in -- and jenna looks likes it is evaporating and the winds are picking up and on higher elevations it was whipping. cooler air spills in behind it and we are well below average on the temperatures, the fact that it is here, it will be cool dry pattern and cooling
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continues and temperatures have come really down, we were near 90 only two days ago and we have a lot of 60s and temperatures will be held in check and tomorrow we will get a rebound on those temperatures and tomorrow looks sunny -- sunny and warmer. new information on the death of a little girl outside of san jose middle school. >> a stunned bus driver gets an unexpected passenger, we have that incredible video.
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[ seagulls squawking ] . the owner of a party bus is now facing charges in connection of vehicular manslaughter charges. natasha nolan fell out of his bus during a fight with another passenger. he accused -- he is accused of endangering passengers and if convicted he faces up to six years in prison. we are now learning about a woman's heroic actions. on tuesday, an suv hit and killed a little girl and the
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little girl's aunt and her two- year-old sister were injured in that accident. family members say the all the is now injured to speak. she said she pushed heresies to safety when she saw it approaching. >> i push him and my -- and i push but the car take it too on my sister and my knees -- [ speaking broken english ] >> she is the one who pushed your niece way though? >> yes. >> he is cooperating with investigators and has not been cited or charged with the crime. and the event is a reminder for all while cycling. it is a reminder for their
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safety on the road. it is being held in 26 different countries. a pennsylvania bus driver got an unexpected passenger when a deer came crashing through the windshield. the deer frantically trying to escape, one passenger was also on the bus but was not hurt. the driver eventually stopped the bus and opened the door and it scampered away. the seal pups are not found to have the virus. the swine flu was found in he will haven't seals and the flu virus is famous for crossing species and this is not the first time a marine mammal carried that strand -- carried
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that strand of virus. if you don't have a lot going on, we are starting off with interstate 880 and southbound, traffic is smooth all the way up to downtown oakland westbound 92 it looks good all the way across the peninsular. we had a little bit of roadwork but for the most part traffic is light in the south bay. we do have a lot of cloud cover and some sprinkles in pleasant hill and that's about the best we can do. some very he light rain and there is not a lot of cloud cover. 50s on the temperatures and we have an air mass over it. that westerly breeze with gusts over 0 and 23 in -- a gusts
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over 23 in oakland. 53 in reno and we'll see some of this cloud cover coming in over the next, oh i would say over the next 12 hours or so. and on the cool side, cooling continues and temperatures are heading down at least inland, they have been pretty cool. 60s and 70s, these are well below average for many, saturday starts to be the transition day warmer on monday. the playoff push continues for two pro teams for both the warriors and the sharks. we are following breaking news out of san jose, what we are learning about an early morning homicide.
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. a fire wakes up residents here and we will tell you why it is being called suspicious.
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deadly in texas, the whole thing is caught on tape. plus video of police officers bursting into a sonoma county home has gone fire val, -- has gone viral, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> and good morning, i am dave clark, let's check the weather, is it windy? cool? no doubt there is a system coming through and we have rain coming up but hear in the bay area we are waiting for it with highs mainly in
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